A Mad Fan’s Diary 2014.01.02: New Year’s Wishes


It’s been a while. With a bunch of stuff going on with work and the whole holidays thing, but I would be remiss to let the early days of this New Year pass without at least a brief diary post.

I won’t bother with resolutions that will fail to last longer than a couple weeks. When it comes to being a fan, what can you resolve anyway?  

“This year I resolve to root for my team way harder than last year”  – yeah, okay, easy to do when your team is winning, a little more difficult to pull off if they suck harder than a Dyson vacuum.

“This year I will go to X number of concerts/games in person”  – good luck finding the money to pay for those arena visits.

“This year I resolve not to get overly excited about my fandom and I will not tweet spam/facebook spam every single thought that crosses my mind” – if this is your resolution to begin with, you are hopeless and should go ahead and advise your friends to just remove you from their newsfeeds (I did this several years ago already, by the way).

Nah, I’m going to do what is clearly much more realistic and healthy for someone of my irrational-obsessed fan-caliber. I’m going to list a bunch of my wishes for 2014.


1. I am going to see Girls’ Generation live.

Give me a break. I can watch the Knicks play like shit whenever I want so long as I go to New York and shell out for way overpriced seats. Seeing SNSD is much more of an endeavour, I gotta fly halfway around the world for that shit.

Also, it came out in the news the other day that my second favorite member has been dating this actor guy for 4 months. Great. Happy fucking new year. At least it wasn’t Tiffany (I’m sorry do I sound bitter?). Anyway yeah, this obsession only has a couple good years left in it, so might as well ride the wave while it lasts.


2. The Knicks will blow up their roster and be rid of the championship repelling menace known as Carmelo Anthony.

Yes, I’m still sour on Carmelo. What were you expecting, a come to Jesus moment where I’d see my wrongdoing and begin to worship his high scoring ways? Fat chance.

Speaking of fat, I wonder how Carmelo would respond to me individually if he ever read all the crap I’ve written about him both here and on Facebook/Twitter. “Glazed donut face ass” doesn’t exactly apply, and my Twitter handle’s a picture of a Korean soccer mascot anyway.

That “Chink in the Armor” shit from Linsanity is still pretty fresh Melo, so “fried dumpling face ass” is probably out the window, unless you want to get into trouble with the league. If you can think of a better insult, feel free to tweet at me or get after me on Facebook. Also, hold up, what is with all the food disses?  

  1. It’s making me hungry and more importantly,
  2. Wasn’t the whole “Honey Nut Cheerios” debacle enough to keep us all (by us I mean Melo) away from the food-based dissing for a while (particularly ones featuring rings of fried dough)?

Wow, that went off course pretty quickly; anyway, tl;dr, the Knicks are hopeless and I think we should start trading shit wholesale for young players and picks so we can be relevant and start getting our hopes up for some tangible sort of championship aspirations in our future again within 5 years instead of 10.


3. Kim Yuna will grab another Gold Medal in Sochi.

Look at this picture.


How can you NOT root for her?  Shame on you if you even think for a second that anyone else deserves that gold. I hope all the other athletes fall on their asses during each and every one of their programs.


4. Korea will get out of the group stages of the World Cup.

I’m not asking for the team to shock the world again here, like, I’m accepting of the fact that 2002 was probably as good as it’s going to get, but I can still expect, you know, some level of greatness to vindicate my fandom – don’t we all deserve that? (Hush, US soccer fans).

Just get strong results against Algeria and Russia, that is really all I’m asking for. Perform well in those two games, and hopefully Belgium will have locked up the group by then, so we can take it easy-ish the third game. Simple. Easy. Please?


5. Kobe Bryant will return and get back to playing at an elite level by season’s end.

I haven’t delved too much into Kobe in my Mad Fan entries, but suffice it to say, he is still one of my favorite players/one of the players I most enjoy watching. The achilles injury sucked, and the knee injury sucked even more. I really just don’t want to be robbed of the last couple of years of greatness that Kobe has to offer. I was particularly interested to see if/how his game would evolve post achilles surgery (particularly whether or not his playstyle would change with diminished mobility, since my mobility has diminished significantly since playing intramurals in college).


6. Jeremy Lin will continue and improve upon his play thus far.

At time of writing, Jeremy’s averaging 14 points with 4 assists, with a couple rebounds, a steal, and a made 3 pointer per game. Please get this up to 15 and 5. The Rockets are so wacky on a game-to-game basis sometimes; I really just want to see consistency and some well defined offensive trends that highlight Jeremy’s ability.

I admit I don’t watch enough Rockets games with the intensity I should to claim these things, and even though I like to stay realistic on Jeremy’s NBA career, I’ve been finding myself pining back to the kind of play we saw during the Linsanity days. The isolations and the fuddy-duddying the Rockets are prone to occasionally is infuriating to me.

I get that you have James Harden and he can get hot, but please. Stop. Run pick and rolls like every other time down the court, and if you’re going to give the ball to Dwight in the post, or isolate James, they should know that if they’re not getting a good look within a few seconds, they should kick it out and move the ball for a better look before time starts running out of the shot clock.


Is there anything else going on this year? Let’s see, I can think of a couple more one offs. If you’re lucky, some of these might end up with their own entries later on in the year.

  • I hope Ryu Hyunjin has a solid sophomore season for the LA Dodgers this year.

  • Besides Kim Yuna, hoping for many many gold medals for Korea in February (short track speedskating, per usual, will attract a lot of my attention).

  • I’m rooting for a Pacers/Spurs NBA final, although who the hell knows who will come out of the West this year.

  • In the club soccer world, I’m pulling for Bayern Munich to win the Champions League.

  • I am (hopefully) going to the Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong this spring; if I have any recollection of the events that transpire, I’ll be sure to happily (hopefully soberly) recount the weekend’s competitions.

  • 2013 was good to Korean League of Legends teams this past year (we won All-Stars, and a Korean team won the World Championship), I hope they continue their reign in 2014.

  • In real life, after taking a season off, me and my buddies are getting the band back together for a new season of rec league basketball. Our team name is “Kobe Doin’ Twerk”. Please keep me in your prayers as I attempt to work my way back into playing shape and hopefully average a minimum of 10 ppg.

That’s everything that comes to mind for now. Happy New Year peeps, hope 2014 treats you all well.

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