The Dunk Contest Is Not Back

This John Wall dunk was easily the best thing of the entire night, but with respect to Dr. J, Magic & Nique, the slam dunk contest is not back.

Yes, they’re trying to spice up the dunk contest, and bring it back. But, this new look wasn’t it. The team format kills the drama. It also takes away crowd engagement and participation. Who doesn’t enjoy holding up their own scores from the crowd?

It was lucky that John Wall was the last contestant. Not only did he execute the most creative dunk, but he got it on the first try.

It was already a let down that there was no “final round” competition, but imagine if Wall had gone first. The whole rest of the so-called “battle round” would have been a complete failure.  Wall’s dunk was great, but the Slam Dunk Contest is far from “back.”

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