Forget True Detective, This Is The Best Show On TV Right Now

We’re lying, there’s nothing better than True Detective right now if you’ve binge-watched House of Cards, and even then, come on, McConaughey. But, Baron Davis returns with another episode of the Comeback, and this thing just keeps getting better.

There is nothing else quite like this on TV right now,  Davis is so committed to this bemused sense of earnestness, his deadpan is so on point, sometimes I can’t even tell if he’s actually serious about this comeback. It’s one part NBA Inside Stuff and more parts The Office UK version.

The best part is often the performances he gets from all the guest appearances, Entourage’s Doug Ellin flat out kills Baron in this latest video. His trainer Randy Celebrini is great, too. Just doing his job like a champ.  

I don’t know how many episodes are left in this series, but I do know that I want see more Baron Davis. Could you picture him hosting a variety show or something? I just wish we could have seen his pitch meeting for this with the NBA and TNT.

More episodes:

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