Asian American Mascotry Series I – Atlanta Japs

There are those in the Asian American community who don’t exactly empathize with the “Not Your Mascot” movement. I admit that I did not have a particularly deep understanding of it until the past year. For those who aren’t so invested in this cause, I wanted to create a more tangible visualization for how it might look if Asian Americans were put in the same position.

These images below are meant to be offensive, so be warned.

Hopefully, these images also expose just how outrageous Native American mascotry is in sports today. Or at least, I hope they start that conversation.

I re-imagined some teams you should recognize with uniforms and fan wear like anything you might find at Foot Locker or Champs.

We’ll be posting a new team every day for the rest of the week.  We’re interested in knowing how the images make you feel. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

(Edit: text to better clarify intent.)


Atlanta Japs home uniform mock-up.
Atlanta Japs hooded sweatshirt by Nike.
Atlanta Japs tri-blend cotton tee by Nike.
Atlanta Japs women’s fitted tee by Nike.
Atlanta Japs baseball cap – alternate “Jap” logo.

6 comments on “Asian American Mascotry Series I – Atlanta Japs

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  2. J. Lamb (Snoopy Jenkins)

    This is not solidarity. This is not helpful. This is just wrong. It’s possible to oppose bigoted mascots in popular culture without subjecting every group to merchandised bigotry. This is just ugly.


    • I can appreciate your distaste for this, and I see your point. But, for an Asian American community that isn’t always so empathetic with this cause, I felt that for many of us, to see ourselves in this image, would start the conversation.


  3. I think it’s brilliant. As a Jew I invite people who think Native Americans are “too touchy” to imagine the New York Yids, whose logo is a grinning Chasid in skullcap and sidecurls.


  4. G Campbell

    Just imagine a team mascot ‘the KamiKaze’… ‘cartoon-ified’ and then you might start to understand the offensive use of Native American symbols.


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