Asian American Mascotry Series II – Houston Chinamen

To be fair, the NBA has been pretty good about burying bad mascots. If you like the idea of Utah “jazz.” As it were, the NBA under David Stern strove for a family friendly image, and they were largely successful.

5972The Golden State Warriors, though based originally on a Native American mascot, have not used such imagery since the early 1970’s. The NBA has only two other ethnicity-based mascots, the Boston Celtics and the New York Knickerbockers. You could make a case for the Celtics’ Leprechaun–even if just for satire.

This isn’t really about the NBA. With the images below, we wanted to depict what it might look like if an Asian American player had to play on a team with an Asian mascot.

As mentioned in the Series I – Atlanta Japs post, these images were created so we might better see the absurdity of Native American sports mascots.

logo_chinamen_basketball_01_mock logo_chinamen_basketball_02_gray_mock_02 logo_chinamen_basketball_02_gray_mock card_chinamen_lin_02

1 comment on “Asian American Mascotry Series II – Houston Chinamen

  1. Dukehogwild

    Hilarious. Hopefully this makes people see some truth. To me the worst thing is being offensive and acting as if you’re not being offensive. Or denying or defending your stance without seeing why something might be disrespectful to a group of people. If you don’t have the ability to emotionally empathize with a person of a different background that’s fine, just own up to your racism and and don’t hide behind some made up self righteousness. Only thing worse than a racist is a coward….. Just to clarify, there are some other things worse than being a racist; rapists, pedophiles, and butt scratchers who unwrap your sandwich touch it put it back in the fridge and later watch you eat it without smiling are all worse… But yeah, I appreciate the creativity and the point you’re making.


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