Hot Links: Curtains, Klay, and Starbury’s Kingdom

This Arizona State gimmick to bother opposing FT shooters works. The Curtain Of Distraction

Klay Thompson’s teammates can’t believe what they’re seeing. Klay Thompson’s Third Quarter In Sight And Sound

Tom Brady could have probably handled this #deflategate thing better. Probably. The Humiliation of Tom Brady

HBO Real Sports feature on Stephon Marbury is essential viewing. Ren Hsieh has a review: In China, Stephon Marbury Finds His Kingdom

Great feature on the always underrated Mike Conley, Jr. for MLK Day. As usual, Conley is shining — even if few others notice it

Paul Pierce did a pretty good impression of Russ’s execution routine:…

#NotTheKnicks continues with a great piece on girls doing more than just playing with the boys, they’re beating them. Central Illinois Xpress Emerge as Unlikely Force in Fifth-Grade League

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