Undercover Jeremy Lin Pranks Taiwanese Gym Goers

Jeremy Lin continues his run of YouTube hits as he again goes undercover in Taiwan, this year as one part of the worst duo of athletic trainers on the island, Wayne and Vincent. Lin plays Wayne in a haircut and beard combo you could only find in Asia (and here in the deep South). Vincent is Taiwanese singer/actor/celebrity/stud Van Ness Wu.

The best parts of this video are Lin heckling a young woman who is killing her deadlifts while not realizing she is actually 2012 London Olympics weightlifting silver medalist Hsu Shu-ching; and the uncontrollable shriek of a grown man upon discovering that Wayne is actually Lin.

For some reason, last year’s undercover Jeremy Lin video as an Adidas employee has been removed from YouTube officially, but you can view it on DailyMotion here.

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