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Jeremy Lin Scores Season-High 35 Points in Hornets Win

There are moments in sports that are recalled so fondly that when you see shades of their return, you can’t help but get that fuzzy feeling all over again. For some, that’s seeing Tiger get his swing back, or Kobe make one of those absurdly difficult shots he’s trademarked over the years. And for some of us, that’s Linsanity.

Last night, Jeremy Lin gave us a little bit of that magic again with a season-high 35 points as the Charlotte Hornets beat the Toronto Raptors. Lin started with Hornets guard Nicolas Batum sitting out due to illness.

Never mind that the Hornets did everything they could to give this game away, including crucial turnovers by their backcourt of Lin and Kemba Walker in the team’s final two possessions of regulation. And never mind that the Raptors in overtime didn’t much want it either. Both teams treated this game like a bad fruitcake, they kept re-gifting it until it expired.

The Raptors couldn’t keep Lin and Walker out of the paint, and the duo combined for 62 points in the win, the most by a Hornets starting backcourt this season. Lin’s 35 points is second only to Walker’s 39 (vs SAC on Nov 23) for the Hornets’ season-high scoring mark.

Some of us wait for blips of Linsanity, like aging Jedi masters surveying the galaxy to detect a surge in the force. And that is why there is a (multiple) YouTube video(s) of every Lin highlight from last night’s game already prepared. Bless these dedicated fans, may Linsanity be with you again.

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