Linsanity is a Helluva Drug

On Saturday, Jeremy Lin helped lift the Charlotte Hornets to their first playoff win in 14 years. He put up 18 points, 4 assists, but it wasn’t just that he did all that, it was how he did it. He took it back to 2012.

The kid gave you that dramatic flair and swagger, put that taste of Linsanity on your lips, just enough for you to want more. When you thought he’d settled in to being just a solid NBA player. Nah, we back.

We’ve seen flashes this season, it’s been a good season, but nothing like this, with the stakes this high. If the Hornets lose on Saturday, they’re pretty much done. Now they won, they’re at home, they’re feeling themselves. And we’re all sitting here waiting for the drop.

Show me one person who doesn’t want more Linsanity, and I’ll show you a bold-faced liar. Even if you hate it, you want it, you love it, you crave it. And now, it doesn’t even seem so long ago. Houston, Los Angeles, never heard of ’em. Blips compared to what lies ahead. It’s time for a revival. Give us what we want, give us Linsanity Two: Redemption Song.

The timing is right. It’s bona fide. The kid was playing the long game, he needed to keep Linsanity in reserve until he got that trademark business all set. You can see how shrewd a businessman he is now. Linsanity is super official, now it’s time to reap the rewards.

You’re on a playoff team, kid. Your team has won for the first time since 2002, Your bobblehead is selling for $50 on eBay, I know because I went and bought one and it’s on my desk. You got the juice now.

It’s time to bring that old thing back.

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