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A Mad Fan’s Diary 2013.12.12: My Country ‘Tis of Me

“Yo guys, did you see the draw?” “What draw?” “Yo the world cup draw, it just ended!” “Word?” “Dude I am so pumped, we got Belgium, Russia, and Algeria, that’s TOTALLY DOABLE. I’m so amped right now.” “Oh sweet – wait, who’s we?” “Korea bro, who the fuck else do you think I was talking about?” “I thought you were […]

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A Mad Fan’s Diary 2013.11.27: Heroes and Villains

So I saw Catching Fire (the sequel to The Hunger Games) this weekend.  It was pretty good; better than the first movie and certainly better than the books.  I don’t know, it didn’t really do it for me the same way like, The Avengers, or like, Inception had me popping out of the edge of my seat.  I mean, Jennifer […]