The 10 Most Viewed Posts on Dat Winning in 2015

The Year of the G.O.A.T. was no disappointment when it came to great sports stories. We covered as much as we could from our particular point of view. By no means do we have the readership yet to really justify a post like this, but what the hell, it’s a nice way to review the year that was. Thank you to all the writers and fellows who contributed their work to Dat Winning in 2015. 

10) Bringing Hockey to Brooklyn (by Saqib Rahim): An expansive three-part feature on how the NY Islanders plan to make hockey hot in Brooklyn.

9) Out and Invisible (by Serenity Joo): Examining what is behind our desire to never talk about homosexuality in women’s sports, while always assuming it.

8) Essential Viewing: Love & Basketball 15 Years Later (by Maggie Thach): A tribute to the first great basketball romance.

7) Eagles, Beetles, and Other Wonders of the KBO (by Serenity Joo): Serenity Joo went to Korea to watch baseball with her dad. She came back with a touching, introspective post on the Korean pastime and family bonding. 

6) Hall of Fame Snub: The Shaming of Eric Lindros (by Saqib Rahim): Eric Lindros still isn’t in the Hockey Hall-of-Fame. And that’s a shame.

5) On Arian Foster, and God in the Locker Room (by Ren Hsieh): Ren Hsieh recalls the shared, peculiar experience of being an atheist while playing sports in the bible belt.

4) If 23 is the Jordan Year, What’s Yours? (by Andrew Tie): Our resident Tar Heel looks at the Jordan year, and what it might mean to be in the year of other NBA stars.

3) Pioneers: Raymond Townsend (by Maggie Thach): Before Jordan Clarkson and even Jeremy Lin, there was Raymond Townsend, the first player of Filipino descent to play in the NBA. Maggie interviews Townsend on Clarkson, the NBA, and his current work with Bay Area youth.

2) How the Confederate Flag Came Down in the SEC (by Serenity Joo): A look at how the the SEC was way ahead of the curve in banning the confederate flag.

1) Dat Winning Short Docs: The Chinatown 3-on-3 (by Dat Winning): The first video of Dat Winning’s short documentary series on the influence of sports in the APIA community covers New York City’s annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Chinatown.

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